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Each year Irmo, SC employees suffer work accidents often resulting in serious injury or death. Learn what compensation you may be entitled to under the law.
Being involved in a serious car accident in Irmo, SC can leave you out of work, unable to pay bills, and suffering from painful injuries. The first step you should take is to learn your rights under the law.
Whether you drive a semi-truck or were just involved in a collision with one, an accident with a tractor-trailer may have you needing a knowledgeable lawyer in Irmo, SC on your side.
The Social Security Disability benefits system is a confusing maze of applications, denials, and appeals.  That’s why you need a professional on your side in Irmo, SC.

Irmo South Carolina Injury Information

Whether you are injured in an auto accident, trucking accident or hurt at work in Irmo SC it is of the utmost importance that you report your injury to the appropriate authority. If injured in Irmo SC seek the evaluation of a medical professional and report the findings to the following:

Car, Auto, or Trucking Accident:

Whether you are a passenger or a driver involved in a car, auto, or trucking accident in Irmo SC report the accident and your injury to the insurance company. This information should be provided on the accident report. If you have any questions we are here to assist.

Hurt or Injured At Work:
If you are hurt at work in Irmo SC report your work injury to you supervisor as soon as possible. Read our hurt at work in Irmo SC FAQ for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your work injury.
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Serious Injury, Workers Compensation and Disability Attorney In Irmo, SC

Being injured in Irmo, South Carolina can be a traumatic and confusing event. Whether you are injured at work, injured in an auto accident, or injured in a tucking accident you will have questions about where to turn and what to do. As an injury lawyer in Irmo, SC I have seen people fail to get the answers they need to questions they have about their injury situation. Don’t be afraid to talk to an injury lawyer about your questions related to an injury at work, auto, or trucking accident. Learn what to expect when we meet to discuss your injury in Irmo, SC.


The people at the Law Offices of Carter Martling Law are passionate and ready to serve clients throughout the state of South Carolina and town of Irmo.  Years in the fields of workers compensation and personal injury has given us the experience necessary to assist your needs.  Get a law firm with experience on their side - Call Carter Martling.

If you're injured on the job in Irmo, South Carolina the first thing you must do is report your injury to your supervisor. All employers are required to fill out a First Report of Injury or Illness when notified by an en employee that they've been hurt. These forms are filed with the Workers' Compensation Commission and are a permanent record documenting that you reported a work injury on a specific date and time.  This does not mean that you are either filing a claim or planning to pursue legal action against your employer so DO NOT let anyone discourage you from filling out a report if you were hurt on the job.  If your injury proves minor and your employer takes care of their responsibilities to you, that's great. However, if an injury proves worse than originally thought or worsens causing you to either miss time or require more than just minor medical treatment, your early reporting will prevent an employer from later claiming that you never told them how or when you were hurt. It's a story that repeats itself all the time with often devastating consequences for an injured worker who was only trying to do right by their employer or not "make trouble" for anyone. No matter how strong a relationship you have with your employer or how much you trust that they would take care of you in the event of an accident, just remember that things can and will change very quickly once an insurance company and their lawyers step in. Protect yourself from the outset, report your injury and then let an experienced professional in Irmo, SC take it from there. Call our law office, we can help. Don’t be afraid to talk to an injury lawyer in South Carolina about your questions related to an injury at work, auto, or trucking accident. We have helped people in Columbia, Irmo, Aiken, Prosperity, and Newberry, SC just like you. Learn what to expect when we meet to discuss your injury.

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