Were you injured on the job and lost your job as a result?

Having an accident at work and being hurt on the job is difficult enough, but losing your job over an injury can be a disaster for anyone.  Increasingly, employers, insurance companies, and their lawyers are aggressively seeking ways to terminate employees after getting hurt on the job.  This practice is not only morally wrong but may have legal consequences as well.  If you've been hurt on the job and have found yourself either fired or simply not being called back to work then you need to contact a lawyer.  Whether you feel you were fired in retaliation for getting hurt or for good cause, you should discuss how it affects your entitlement to medical care, disability benefits, and a monetary award with an experienced attorney.  Don't let an insurance company deny you your benefits if you've lost your job without knowing your rights.  Contact attorney Carter Martling to discuss your claim.  

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