How To Deal With Collections After An Injury

How To Handle Collections After An Injury

In South Carolina, it may be against the law for a medical provide or their agents to attempt to collect upon an individual for an outstanding bill if it is work related. The Workers’ Compensation Act provides certain protections to injured workers if they find themselves in the middle of a billing dispute while their claim is open and ongoing.  

One of the most stressful moments in anyone’s life can occur while receiving letters and phone calls from bill collectors, especially for unexpected medical expenses resulting from an injury.  If you were hurt at work there’s a good chance those bills shouldn’t be coming to you in the first place.  Unfortunately, many complicated issues can arise that might leave an injured worker caught between their employer and an insurance company, each denying responsibility for medical bills and leaving you alone to deal with collectors.  

Oftentimes, injured workers may need to go to the emergency room or an urgent care facility to seek immediate help.  If advanced tests are ordered (such as an MRI) or the patient needs to stay overnight or longer, a very significant bill can mount up quickly.  Patients may be asked for any insurance information they have such as personal health insurance or workers’ compensation if a claim has begun.  It is not uncommon for an employer to deny these type bills for a variety of reasons.  Attempts to bill personal insurance may also fail because that carrier believes the matter to be work related and thus, not their responsibility.  The result is often a vicious cycle with the patient hung out to dry, left to fend off collection attempts on their own.  If this is happening to you, seek out the advice of a legal professional to assist you in this situation.

Your credit is important to you, and your peace of mind during the stressful experience of being injured is invaluable.  Don’t let collection attempts for medical bills cause any further trouble in your life without speaking to a legal professional about your situation.

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